Sarron Vestir: With Teo, he went outside the barrier and was infected with the symbiont. He then fell under Ailena's control and was used by her to commit several 'terrorist' acts. He seems indecisive... but he will not allow Ailena to assimilate his mind. (First appearance: February 5, 2005)
Miarin Marchani: Karya's younger sister. She was infected with Ailena's symbiont in the destruction on Leana, her former home. After having seen her parents die in Leana, Miarin submitted to Ailena easily and became her avatar in the human world. (First appearance: July 16, 2005)
Ridan Amoran: Karya's boyfriend. Currently, he works for the Temporal Transport Agency (a government agency). He tries to keep his past a secret from Karya and Miarin; he was in prison at least once, for an unknown offense. Ridan is in debt to Alcaren, who once released him from prison. (First appearance: February 19, 2005)
Teo Seleine: A longtime friend of Sarron's. He went outside the Barrier with Sarron, and was infected; he did not react very well to the symbiont, however, and Kieri ordered Carisa to kill him. Whether Carisa actually did as ordered is currently a mystery. (First appearance: February 5, 2005)
Karya Marchani: Miarin's older sister, and Ridan's girlfriend. She's currently in training to become a temporal flux technician. Karya would give her life to protect Miarin, if she thought it was needed... (First appearance: March 26, 2005)
Carisa Traline: Kieri's bodyguard and second-in-command. She usually does Kieri's dirty work. Her prematurely gray hair is a sign of temporal pollution. (First appearance: January 22, 2005)
Sevran Corrone: One of Medialia's senior senators, and a rebel sympathizer. He opposes Kieri's attempts to give control of Medialia over to Earth, but does so with a certain degree of reserve. (First appearance: September 3, 2005)
Dr. Caston Arcada: A doctor and researcher at a remote clinic near Rayalan. He first discovered the symbiont in a sample of Sarron's blood. He then decided to experiment on it, but didn't have the clearance or money to without Sarron; thus, he began to research the virus secretly with Rilana. (First appearance: April 23, 2005)
Rilana Kalimeria: Dr. Arcada's assistant. She usually works more as a nurse than a lab assistant, but when Dr. Arcada detects and isolates the symbiont, she volunteers to be the test subject. (First appearance: April 23, 2005)
Kieri Covaran: Kieri is Earth's representative on Medialia. As such, he is working to bring Medialia under Earth's control, often resorting to sabotage in order to convince the Medialians that their technology is failing them. (First appearance: January 29, 2005)
Alcaren Palian: A junior senator in the Medialian government, and a fierce supporter of Medialia's continued independence. He wants Medialia to remain neutral in the rebellion, and fights hard in the Senate to stop Kieri's plans. (First appearance: July 2, 2005)
Ailena: The bodiless sentience whose mission is to protect Medialia's native ecosystem. Ailena created a symbiont which allows her to contact humans. She wants to drive humanity off Medialia... but her actions may have the opposite effect. (First appearance: January 15, 2005)
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